bare reverie


Sustainable Fashion.

Simply put, I am striving to make killer lingerie that doesn’t kill our environment.

bare- (of a person or part of the body) not clothed or covered.

reverie- a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.

I feel the freest and most comfortable in a great pair of pajamas as I lounge at home reading or as I begin my third dream for the night.

This company is named bare reverie because I believe we should treasure one of the most incredible creations on this earth, our bodies. Being that our bodies were created from this earth, why shouldn’t our clothes be?

Lingerie is the closest piece of clothing we wear next to our skin and we should strive to keep them as pure as we try to keep our bodies.

The production of our garments happens in the very city we design them in by partnering with responsible manufactures using sustainable fabrics. This not only makes for closer watch over how they are being made, but also produces more work opportunities in our community and is less wasteful in shipping, cost, and energy. The fabrics we use have a natural origin; think cotton, hemp, silk…

So much of our consumption of clothing is sitting in huge piles in third world countries around the globe. They will sit there for decades and not disintegrate because of all of the synthetic fabrics we have used since the beginning of time. I want to make sure I do my tiny part in providing an option that will not only be good for myself and others, but for our world and the countries who have to deal with the results of consumer madness.


Jackie Michel

I grew up under the parenting of a structured accountant for a father, and a carefree, imaginative caretaker for a mother; a fusion of Haitian parents, Parisian culture, and later becoming a Miami beach babe. People could say I was an artistic child, but I was always very organized, studious, and business minded as well. After realizing I didn’t want to be a gynecologist in middle school (long story), a free period in the seventh grade allowed me to seek different career opportunities in the arts. There my love for fashion was birthed.

Excluding learning how to sew a button at eight years old, my first real experience sewing was at eighteen at the International Academy of Design in Tampa, Florida. I can remember the countless hours spent in the lab with the few friends I made in school as we stayed up all night in our pajamas dancing to music, sewing our fingers, and steaming our garments for much too long.


To graduate and attain your degree, students had to do an internship for a semester. I sent my resume and a few collections created during my time in school to some of my favorite designers whose collections I would stalk on ‘nymag’ and ‘style.com’. I ended up accepting a Production internship at Cushnie et Ochs and learned under the wings of the two beautiful, young, and knowledgeable women for three seasons who had built their company right after college. It was one of the most inspiring times of my life. I ended up living in New York for a year and completed a few more apprenticeships in the Design and Technical Design areas at Tommy Hilfiger, Peter Som, and Jen Kao while working full time.

After leaving New York, I worked at several companies in South Florida as a Technical Designer and have found much joy in that area. In this role, I have been able to work with all departments in the business which leads me here:

Featured in: Tampa Bay Times

Today, I handle some Technical and Design projects for local companies and have started my own line of what I like to call cozy, feminine, and fresh intimates. My goal is to create a sustainable company in all areas. I am married to my amazing husband (and high school sweetheart) and we are living and having fun in the sunny (and rainy) Miami together.

I am overwhelmed pretty much every day with how God has shaped my life into what it is today and look forward to the rest that is to come. I hope you’ll come along for the ride!

photo by Donner Photos